Home Assessments

Discover the home assessment process from start to finish below. Click on each drop-down to explore each step.

Home Assessment Phase 1

Once we receive a referral form from your case manager, we will get in touch with you to arrange your in-home visit. During this visit, we will discuss your daily activities to identify any areas that have been challenging. This appointment will take 1-3 hours depending on the size of the project.

With the information gathered during the in-person visit, we will craft a detailed summary outlining the medical necessity for the modifications. This summary will include the individual’s medical background and a room-by-room explanation of changes needed accompanied by visual images.

Depending on the project, a scaled CADD design will be created to illustrate the existing conditions and the proposed changes to contractors and the county.

A scope of work is provided to the county and the contractor to ensure comparable bids.

Before we send the summary to the county, we will share it with you for approval. We will never submit anything to the county without your review.

Once you approve the summary, we will submit it to the county on your behalf. The county will then review the summary.

Home Assessment Phase 2

During this time, we will address any questions they may have and collaborate with your case manager to obtain approval for modifications.

After obtaining county approval, we will initiate the process of selecting a contractor. Together we will select two contractors from the county-approved list to get comparable bids from, ensuring that they best meet the requirements of your project. The contractors will then submit bids based on the scope of work provided to ensure comparability.

You have the option to proceed with the contractor who made the lowest bid, or you can choose the other contractor and cover the price difference out of pocket.

Once you’ve chosen your contractor, we will schedule a pre-construction walk-through to ensure that the design, placement, and items are selected to your liking.

Throughout the construction process, we will maintain open communication with the contractor to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly.

At our final walk through we make sure that all areas of the scope of work have  been completed and have been completed to the client’s satisfaction.