About Us

We’ve had enough experience in the building industry to learn how important it is to keep our client’s needs front and center. For us, customer satisfaction is the paramount of our focus from the beginning of the project, until the very end.

When we sit down with you for your free consultation, we listen first to your main needs for freedom of accessibility in your home. Using our experience in this industry, we will list out all of the mobility options available, striving first to find affordable solutions that fit your budget. We’ve found that our experience lends us the ability to offer answers to mobility questions that our customers need to make informed choices.

Worry Free Mobility works hard to get the job done expertly the first time. Even so, there are times when complex mobility machinery or parts break down or items may need extra service or repair. For this reason, we include a complimentary 1 year limited warranty for each of our customer’s projects. You shouldn’t have to pay for repeated service calls to diagnose unexpected problems. We take care of most issues at no added cost to you, so you can truly have an experience with us that is ‘worry free.’

Whenever technology is involved, you can count on things advancing rapidly. Just think of how many times you’ve had to replace your phone and computer. The technology in the assisted living industry is no different. There are new advanced products and services available at ever increasing speeds. We make it our job to stay on top of all of this technological growth so you’ll stay informed of new services and products as they come available.